I recently stumbled on this gem from back in the day when I was featured on the cover of the New Haven Advocate. The same evening that the Jayne Olderman Band was performing at Toad's Place, the iconic music room in New Haven, Aztec Two Step was co-headlining with America (Horse With No Name) at the New Haven Coliseum. I was onstage singing “Prisoner”, an Aztec Two Step classic during my last set when, surprise! Who should sneak up on stage unannounced to join me in a duet of his beautiful song? Rex Fowler! Needless to say, the crowd went craaaazy! Great memory for us both and now here we are collaborating on Pop Trash! Who knew?!

June 11, 2016 from Jayne:


Rex Fowler with his son Rufus years ago. Ru was only 9 years old when Rex brought him in to sing  “young John’s” first chorus & ensemble choruses on "Jane" which we recorded on a 4 track Portastudio located in my parent's basement. Rufus was so cool & independent for his age and would randomly raid my Mom's fridge or hijack my bike while my Mom and I looked on in amazement, too intimidated to confront him about it. Hilarious! When he returned from his many bike rides that afternoon, every kid in the neighborhood was asking about him. "Jane" is a sweet, Norman Rockwell-like love story!

Here's the link to hear it on Soundcloud:



Trash Talk and News

July 1, 2016:

Pop Trash interesting factoid: Recognize that voice and melody on Bob Sinclar's "Cinderella (She Said Her Name)"? That's none other than Pop Trash's REX FOWLER! The video has received over 11 million views! Bob Sinclar sampled Rex's song "The Ballad of Humpty Dumpty" which makes Rex a co-writer and SR owner. We're not posting the link because it's a very sexy video, but, that being said; I'm sure half the guys reading this have already left this page to start googling (and oogling) the song.


If it was a girl; she'd be named "Princess Anna".

If it was a boy; he'd be named "Rex".

It was a girl! Meet our namesake: "Anna"!

July 19, 2016 "Princess Anna" was born! 6 weeks earlier, I met her mother, the pregnant mare Princess Lea at Last Stop Horse Rescue in North Georgia. Her eyes seemed so vacant and she was tired until I began singing Pop Trash's song "Anna". I was thrilled that she perked up, acknowledged and nuzzled me. Here is a picture of that moment.

The owner of the Rescue, Joyce Pomeroy, who is caretaker to many rescued horses on Farmer Bill's land, played our Pop Trash's "Anna" to Lea over and over every day for weeks til she gave birth. It calmed her. Joyce and her daughter Toni delivered the foal in the middle of the night. And the moment the foal was born; they  played our song "ANNA" to welcome her!


click on picture to watch & hear the video of "Anna" being welcomed into the world by our song "Anna"


September 14, 2016 Artie Martello's Mostly Folk interview with Rex and Jayne! Kick back and enjoy:

December 20, 2017 "Petticoat", part of the Pop Trash catalog written by Rex and Jayne in 1988, is released featuring the multi talented 14 year old Mary Rene Quarles on vocals. Click on the cover to hear the song and learn more about it.


Click here to watch the video