The beloved MXR Drum Machine


The iconic Shure SM58 microphone

The 4-track cassette

Tascam Portastudio

JOURNEY BACK WITH US TO THE "NEW SOUND" OF THE 80s.... to the dawn of the MXR drum machine with the BIG sounding pads; to the age of the Tascam Portastudio where homemade song demos and gloriously cheezy production ruled the songwriter's world. But not the Cheez Wizz or Velveeta kind of cheezy, more like a nice smoked gruyere. Welcome to Pop Trash...

Way back when, beginning in 1984, Rex Fowler of folk/rock duo Aztec Two-Step fame and renowned producer/composer Jayne Olderman, collaborated on a bevy of catchy pop tunes. Feeding off of each other's musical strengths, they broke the boundaries of their established genres and created songs they would never have written on their own. This unlikely duo celebrates the release of their 10-song collection called Pop Trash – a phrase Rex affectionately gave their music just after finishing their very first collaboration, Be The One.  

In their signature song and first video Digidelay (The Enviro Mental Song), a sly homage to our endangered environment, Pop Trash mixes the zaniness of the B-52s on a breakneck roller coaster ride out to Pluto and back with that quirky "how did I get here" vibe of the Talking Heads. Love unrequited reigns in Anna, I Wish You Were Mine and Please Accept My Love while their edgier songs Stranger In Your Eyes and Don't Let This Be The End are softened by a smidge of sweetness reminiscent of The Bangles.

A sprinkling of Norman Rockwell nostalgia is added with Jane; followed by Sail Away (To America), a poignant depiction of immigrants arriving with high hopes and big dreams, reminiscent of a steamship pulling into Ellis Island in the early 1900s.

The grand finale, What Would The Indians Say, speaks to the cruel and unnecessary chemical testing on "earth's little creatures," slavery to greed-gotten money, and cleaning up this mess, for Goodness sake, by leaving Mother Earth as she was when the First People, the Native Americans, lived on and revered the land.

Rex and Jayne invite the listener to drive with it, vibe with it and even dance to a few. Some may stir your soul. So kick back, relax & enjoy the ride. 

Pop Trash, bringing "cheezy" back in a "groovy" kind of way!

Fascinating factoid: recognize the voice of Pop Trash? Not only is Rex the lead singer of Aztec Two Step, but, his song and vocals are sampled and featured on Bob Sinclar's  "Cinderella (She Said Her Name)”.

Album credits

Lead vocals: Rex Fowler

Background vocals: Rex Fowler and Jayne Olderman 

Lead and backing vocals by 9-yearold

Rufus Fowler on "Jane"

All music performed and engineered by

Jayne Olderman

Dave Webster plays electric lead guiutar on "Stranger in Your Eyes"

All songs © 1984-5 ℗ 2016

written by Rex Fowler and Jayne Olderman

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